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The Beauty Spot


Facial Treatments

I offer bespoke facials and try to keep the pricing and menu simple and the treatments luxurious.

You choose the 'Facial Package Option' and I will decide on the 'Facial Treatment Type' most suited to your skin.

Depending on your requirements it may be necessary to leave a treatment on for up to 20 minutes at a time. This is usually a good opportunity for you to unwind, but if you feel that you do not want to be left for any time please let me know as I will be happy to stay with you in the treatment room.

Facial Package Options - you choose which option suits you

Basic Facial

£25.00 (1 hour procedure)

  • PreCleanse (using steamer)
  • Double cleanse using cleanser specific to your skin type
  • Professional exfoliation specific to your skin type -it may be necessary to have the exfoliator on for up to 20 minutes and during this time you will be left to relax
  • Face Mapping
  • Comedone and milia (blackhead and whitehead) extraction, if necessary
  • Masque application specific to your skin type
  • Eye treatment, moisturiser and Solar Defence SPF30
  • Botanical mixers, serums and additives will be added during the treatment

Express Facial

£20.00 (45 minute procedure)

As detailed above but does not include extractions

Luxury Facial

£35.00 (11/2 hour procedure)

A more relaxing facial. Includes all the benefits of the Basic Facial but with the added luxury of a pressure point massage using uniquely blended stress and toxin relief massage oils. Guaranteed to relax and an excellent gift for someone special.  

Facial Treatment Types - I will choose which type suits

multivitamin power treatment (premturely aged/dry skin)

A powerful facial using Multivitamin Power Exfoliant and/or EA35 chemical exfoliator, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque and a Contour Masque.

Perfect for prematurely aging, dry, sun-damaged skin. Skin will feel firm, smooth, replenished and more youthful.

skin brightening treatment (pigmented skin)

Specifically designed to deal with pigmentation from hormonal imbalance, sun-damage and pregnancy by helping to regulate melanin production.

It is important to carry out a course of treatments and strict home care regime is required.

environment control treatment (sensitive skin)

A gentle but effective facial. Removes impurities without upsetting the skin’s natural balance. Gentle soothing cleansers, botanical mixers,

serums and additives combined with a calming oatmeal masque relieve irritation and sensitivity.

medicated cleansing treatment (oily skin)

A deep cleansing treatment using powerful products to combat the symptoms associated with Acne. Combined with gentle soothing

products to relieve inflammation and hydrating properties to alleviate dryness which can at times be associated with oily skin conditions.

The Beauty Spot is proud to be the only salon in the area to offer the following facial treatments using ozone, high frequency, galvanic and faradic electrocurrent:

non surgical facelift (prematurely aged skin)

£45.00 (1 hour procedure)

A combination of multivitamin treatments along with Galvanic/Faradic technology to tone the facial muscles and push Colagen into the deeper layers of the epidermis - follow this link for more information

MediBac electrocurrent treatment (oily skin)

£45.00 (1 hour procedure)

A combination of medicated cleansing treatments and the latest High Frequency Electrocurrent and Ozone technology and professional strength exfoliator and salicylic acid to clear congested folicles, regulate sebum production and eliminate bacteria to promote skin clarity.