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The Ultimate Galvanic/Faradic non surgical face lift

Sadie Frost and Sarah Jessica Parker are big fans of non surgical body and facial lifting and now you can follow in their footsteps with the powerful Galvanic/Faradic nonsurgical face lift treatment. 

Combining gentle micro current therapy with deeply penetrating skin care, the nonsurgical facelift works to tone, condition and restructure the skin, firming problem areas and restoring elasticity. This deeply relaxing treatment uses both faradic (intermittent) and galvanic (constant) micro currents to stimulate muscle fibres, which achieves a toning effect and improves surface skin texture. Combined with intensive Collagen producing formulations, muscles are toned and the skin texture smoothed.

Procedure: Skin is prepared using Galvanic Desincrustation and Dermalogica's unique EA35 Lactic Acid professional exfoliant, which removes all dead surface skin cells and debris. Damp sponges are used to remove the residue and the skin surface is assessed. Electro-pads are then used on the various muscles of the face which lift and tone the areas that need help. This is followed by Iontophoresis which penetrates deep into the dermal layer of the skin (thus stimulating the production of Collagen and Elastin).

Results: You will see an immediate improvement after one treatment but a course of four to six is recommended for optimum results.

This treatment lifts and tones the face, cheeks, eyes, neck and décolleté. The dual action of the micro currents improves circulation, aids lymphatic drainage, minimizes wrinkles and diminishes dark circles and eye bags.

Price: £45

For optimum results: a course of 6 is recommended. Get 10% discount when booking a course of 6.

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